Buying Raincoats for Your Kids: Lookout for These 5 Essential Features

Buying Raincoats for Your Kids: Lookout for These 5 Essential Features

For many children, playing in the rain is the best form of joy. On the other hand, parents need to ensure that their children stay dry and well-protected from rain. It reduces the chances of getting sick in this humid weather. There are multiple types of baby coats available in the market. From sheer raincoats, rain jackets, poncho raincoats, etc., parents can choose the best for their children. Apart from the different types, there are also some details and features that you should note before getting a raincoat for your child.

When buying a raincoat for your child, here are some types of raincoat fabrics that you should be aware of.

Waterproof Fabric:

This type of fabric has a waterproof layer that makes it resistant to rainwater. Most of the high-quality sheer raincoats and rain jackets are made of waterproof fabric. It is hydrophobic and therefore naturally water-resistant. The fabric provides the best level of protection from water. Therefore it is used to make expensive raincoats suitable for intense outdoor activities like hiking, mountain climbing, etc.

Breathable Fabric:

You should also check if your child’s raincoat is made of breathable fabric. Since most kids are very active and run even in the rain, they can easily sweat a lot. If their sweat doesn’t dry out, the clothes they wear inside a raincoat will soak up the sweat regardless of whether rainwater gets in or not. Hence, if you are looking for the best raincoat in India for your child, then you need to get a raincoat made of breathable fabric. It will allow air to circulate inside the raincoat and dry the sweat.

Apart from the fabric, parents should also check the following features while buying raincoats online in India for their kids.

Choose a Raincoat in the Right Size for Your Child:

You need to make sure your child is covered properly and protected from the rain. Aside from coverage, you should also check if your child’s raincoat is suitable or not. A tight raincoat will make it difficult for them to move around while a loose raincoat will allow rainwater to seep inside.

Proper Protection Mechanism for Cuffs, Pockets, Seams, Fringes and Covers: During heavy rain, water may seep inside your sheer coat from the seams, boots, cuffs, covers, etc. Many manufacturers add straps and panels and other protective features to keep areas dry and prevent rainwater from seeping into the raincoat.

These are some of the things that you should keep in mind while buying raincoats for your kids. High-quality raincoat keeps kids dry even during heavy rain. Thus as parents, it is important that you invest in a raincoat that is suitable for your children.

A raincoat must be strong enough to withstand heavy showers and provide excellent water-repellent qualities. Quick-drying materials, adjustable details, and are some of the other vital features for kids. For children, there is nothing more fun than jumping up and down in puddles and a durable raincoat will ensure that the clothes stay dry and reduce the overall laundry load. Buying raincoats for kids is much easier because kids prefer bright colours and bold prints, which makes the choice easier for parents. The design of raincoats has changed over the years and these days rain ponchos are becoming increasingly popular due to their loose fit. A number of raincoats also come with rain boots that can be used to cover and protect the boots as well.

The kids don’t have to miss playing outside just because the sky has opened. With the proper raincoat, they can spend time outdoors, no matter the weather.

If you want something that will withstand more than a light shower, make the raincoat of your choice fully waterproof, not just in the shower.