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Factors to Consider when Buying a Good Rain Jacket

There are some key factors to consider when buying a good rain jacket. Understanding these key terms and the basics of rainwear can help you to navigate to the most suitable jacket for you, that also fits your budget. You will have a ton of options if you buy rain jackets online. But finding the best jacket can be a lot easier when you consider factors such as what kind of rain jacket you need, do you need a waterproof or water-resistant jacket, or whether you want some extra features in it. Here are some things that you should be considering when buying rain jackets.

1. Zippers

Most of the jackets are loaded with zippers. But these zippers should have a rubberized coating or storm flap to prevent the water from seeping through them. Laminated or coated zippers are hard to zip up and down and also need a cover, called zipper hut or zipper garage. This cover is for shielding the tiny openings at the end of the zipper track. 

2. Seam Sealing

A good rain jacket should be completely seam-sealed for being fully waterproof. 

3. Adjustment features

Jackets should have a drawcord at the bottom and longer jackets should have it at the waist. Reliable jackets will also have wrist closures that can be adjusted. These features allow you to create tight closures to keep the rain, wind, and cold sneaking through the openings. These adjustments can also be loosened to increase ventilation.

4. Packability

A rain jacket should be easy to pack. Some of the waterproof jacket manufacturers achieve this by using ultralight and non-bulky fabric. If a jacket comes with a pocket designed to double as a storage pouch or comes with its own stuff sack, it is considered packable. 

5. Hood designs

Good jackets have hoods with brims and adjustments on the sides and at the back to adjust the size of the opening. Some rain jacket manufacturers may also provide hoods that zip off or roll and stow in the collar.

6. Pockets

Pockets can add to the value of the motorcycle rain jacket, especially if they have waterproof zippers. Many jackets are also available with hand pockets placed above the hip belt and away from the shoulder straps. This allows you to access them while the pack is on. 


Thus, when you buy a rain jacket online, keep these factors in mind and do proper research about the different features and prices of rain jackets offered by different brands. It will enable you to make a wise and prudent purchase.