Motorcycle Rain Gear: A Safety Companion or a Fashion Trend?

There are many reasons why you should wear motorcycle rain gear while riding your bike. It can keep you warm, dry, and comfortable while riding, even in the heaviest rain. Remember that it can be hard to see motorcyclists most of the time, even Moreso during a heavy downpour. The harder it rains, the more difficult it becomes to see someone riding a motorcycle. That is why it is important that you wear a motorcycle rain jacket while going for a ride.  

What are Motorcycle Rain Jackets?  

Motorcycle rain jackets are specially designed and fitted raincoats made of heavy waterproof fabric. They protect a rider from the elements and accidents. Even though they are usually worn while riding in the rain, they can also be used in mild or temperate climates.   

Motorcycle rain jackets are warm, water-repellent, and windproof and come in various styles like tailored overcoats, hoods, and full-length coats. In colder climates, riders will use heated Armor to keep themselves warm.   

Types of Motorcycle Rain Jackets?  

There are two types of motorcycle rain jackets that you can wear while riding in the rain. A heavy-duty waterproof jacket or a lightweight motorcycle rain jacket. A light rain jacket is worn over a regular motorcycle rain jacket. No matter which one you prefer to wear, make sure it has a high collar.  

What Is the Right Sizing of a Motorcycle Rain Jacket?  

Whichever type of rain you choose, make sure there is a proper seal around your neck so that water doesn’t drip down your neck and into the jacket. Moreover, the sleeves should be secure around the wrists, which will prevent water from seeping in at your wrist and down your hands.   

If you prefer wearing a lightweight motorcycle rain jacket, make sure it fits properly. An oversized jacket may flap around while you are riding, allowing water to seep in. On the other hand, if the jacket is too small, its protective features may not stay in place if you take a tumble.   

 Safety Tips While Using Motorcycle Rain Jackets  

  • The non-waterproof layers mustn’t slide out from underneath the shell of the motorcycle rain jacket, as they will begin to absorb water. Cuffing ensures they won’t escape the protective layers. Moreover, it creates a buffer zone between what is wet and what is dry.  
  • Leave the pit zips open at their default setting. In light rain, the venting benefits of pit zips will outweigh any water that sneaks in under your arms. Only in heavy rain or strong side wind or when bushwhacking is worth it should you close the pit zips.   
  • Tuck your undershirt into your rain pants to prevent the hem of your shirt from falling below your motorcycle rain jacket and becoming exposed to the elements if your jacket ends up flapping around.