Raincoat Manufacturers In India

Embrace The Rain In Style With A Raincoat For Men

The onset of a beautiful season like monsoon brings immense joy to all pluviophiles. The feel of the breeze passing by stimulates a calming environment that is welcomed by many. Despite its petrichor vibes, rains prove to be troublesome because of the unpredictable weather conditions. Checking the forecast doesn’t always come in handy when one is running late for important business meetings. It is where stylish yet breathable raincoats come to the rescue.  

A lightweight, durable yet trendy raincoat saves you from drenching when you get stuck in a downpour. However, choosing the finest quality raincoats that are easy to carry and comfortable to use is essential. Therefore, as one of the finest raincoat manufacturers in India, we at Billwin have come up with the best raincoat solutions for men. Read more to know.

What Kind of Raincoats is Best for Men?

As raincoat manufacturers, we believe that a finely designed and water-resistant raincoat will always protect you from unwanted weather, especially when you are out for work or other eventful occasions. For such instances, you need to find the right fit that suits your style and complements your personality. Below mentioned are some factors to consider before buying raincoats for men.


Raincoats are mainly made of nylon and polyester. The essence of these materials is their utter comfort and feather-like element. The breathable quality of these fabrics makes you feel soft and warm from within and has the ultimate waterproof feature of protecting you from unpredictable weather.      

Right Length and Size

To find the perfect fit for a raincoat, make sure that the size is neither too loose that lets the water droplets penetrate through the opening nor too tight to cause suffocation on the part of the wearer. Various customisable features are available at Billwin, such as detachable hoods, ribbed cuffs, high-neck collared styles, and much more for you to choose from. So, opt for the one that fulfils all your preferred elements. Buying a raincoat that’s a bit longer on the back is always a good idea, especially while making certain movements. A longer length helps with better coverage but make sure it’s not too long to cause a tripping hazard.   

The Quality of the Hood

The sole purpose of a good hood is to provide shelter to your head in heavy rains. A rainstorm may generally come with winds, and you might need to run for cover. It is where the toggles come into action that helps prevent the hood from blowing off your head. For bikers, toggles hold a lot of value in keeping the head and ears safe from downpours and stormy conditions. A small peak in your motorcycle raincoat works best to see what’s in front while sheltering the face and eyes. For people with glasses, a peak on the front is an added benefit to protect the glasses too.

From two-piece rain suits to motorcycle puffer jackets, there is a wide array of raincoats for men available across India. Opting for the right kind is necessary to keep you healthy during a downpour and make you safely reach your important destinations on time. There are plenty of raincoat manufacturers in Mumbai, but the best is always with Billwin Industries! If you are willing to buy a raincoat online, then don’t hesitate. Get in touch with us today.